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Expand your planning from what is to what could be.
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For certain purposes, it may be sufficient that the AI system is fed a subset of laws of particular importance. These subsets may be identified in numerous ways, including by reference to specific states, specific areas of law e. At least for these more limited systems, work ought to commence immediately. Once the modeling discussed above is completed, and the AI system has been fed the required data, the system will be capable of:. The question then arises of the specific uses for such a system. In answering that question there is no need to be prescriptive.

However, it is possible to point to at least four such uses:. It goes without saying that the requirements placed on the envisaged AI system, such as transparency, explainability, consistency, accountability, and fairness, may vary depending on the use to which the system is put.

Clearly, for example, such factors would be paramount for a system used by courts. Any time one writes about the future, the line between optimism and naivety is a thin one.

IEX2020 - A Vision for the Future

On the other hand, however, it would be a missed opportunity not to start envisioning what may be achieved when the technology makes such a mission more feasible. Sufficiently advanced AI technology exists and is developing further at great speed. If humans are about to entrust their lives to AI as the driver of cars, and if AI is believed to have the ability to disrupt the legal industry, AI should also be utilized to solve some private international law challenges.

By Dan Jerker B. Svantesson There are countless news stories and scientific publications illustrating how artificial intelligence AI will change the world. What is AI? All that remains is to: construct suitable modeling of private international law; ensure access to the required data; and feed the modeling and data into an appropriate AI system. While the idea sounds relatively simple on paper, clearly much work lies ahead. The modeling must take all of this into account.

The Data Needed and How to Get It Not least due to the successes of the Free Access to Law Movement and the work, and international outreach, of organizations such as the Australasian Legal Information Institute AustLII , a significant number of states make their laws available online, although often in their local languages.

The Future of Personal Mobility w/ Mark Frohnmayer

The Envisaged AI System and Its Uses Once the modeling discussed above is completed, and the AI system has been fed the required data, the system will be capable of: Identifying the norms from multiple legal systems that together make up the relevant contextual legal system for a given activity; and Reconciling — or at least balancing — those norms in a manner that makes for a coherent system even where individual norms clash. However, it is possible to point to at least four such uses: Predicting Legal Risks. An AI system such as that proposed above may help both natural and legal persons predict their legal risk exposure when engaging in online activities.

In other words, it stands to benefit many different participants in the online ecosystem from the average Internet user to large companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Apple. Assisting lawyers and legal education. World YMCA is collaborating with Forum for the Future to engage both young and senior leaders in possible futures, to examine the different roles YMCA might play in empowering young people to build thriving communities.

As part of this, on Monday 1 July, we are launching a two-month global digital conversation to ask young people directly what futures they envision for their communities, and what tools, skills and support can empower them to play active roles in thriving futures. The insights we gather will inform two live events in London in August, where people of all ages will explore the future for youth and communities, and ask what role organisations can play.

We ask you now to join us in driving this significant conversation to shape the future of communities, and put young people at their heart:. Only the passengers can sense the peril in this situation. Being a scientist and doing post graduation in delhi school of economics, I can say this Whenever we have to give an example of bad policies and misplaced priorities in the world, we give the example of pakistan in case studies. Sir, to begin with as a first step you will have to rewrite the entire history of Pakistan and start with entirely new truthful text books in the school.

Entire generations after generations are brainwashed and poisoned for their views on their neighbors. Without doing that you will never be able to have good relations with your neighbours. But from where will this country in which every segment is morally bankrupt get leaders who are selfless and courageous. Excellent article. I wish the kings and kingmakers can learn these simple facts. However the hope for any change and for the country is not there.

WINDOW - A Vision for the Future — KYOTO UNIVERSITY

Blaming a political party is the easiest way out for every Pakistani. However, if they dug a bit deeper the organisation that has guided Pakistan into this precarious predicament can be unearthed. How many would dare to call a spade a spade? Where to find the responsible political party Sir? Will the unelected Lords of the country ever allow any such people oriented party to emerge?

Collusion and coercion is the bedrock of the patronage based system prevailing with all Institutions compromised, no wonder accountability has become a very selective process.

What a Vision Can Do for You

This system lasts till people revolt. You said it but missed the main point. Of course, development and progress in present in every walk of life. No doubt, good yet pragmatic advises. Severe punishment is paramount to put an end to corruption otherwise the policies will hardly change the system which favors few at the expense of many. Quaid new his ambition and kept him posted In East Pakistan. Politicians are encouraged to do corruption so that their file can be use for later on after land grabbing the biggest corruption done in IPP.

In part, the arm chair critics are also responsible for bringing the incompetent in power- and in no way all the politicians were incompetent. Even in the so called world of west many such problems exist. With a multi party system multiple institutions multiple media houses, the winner is the one who has more spending and buying power across the board. A responsible political party would adjust to the dire situation by repairing relations with its neighbors - did govt. A responsible political party would craft an indigenous, people-oriented economic policy instead of dreaming of recovering looted wealth Tax-reforms are in place and Taxation is the back bone of any country.

Very good Article. Present government is a good start. But we do need responsible, honest , healthy and talented politicians continuously to put country and people on sound footing. Qazi, Absolutely correct.

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All whips and suggestions mentioned in the article are either implemented or in progress. Read story published by DailyMail. One of the very few sane voices in Pakistan. We need people like him to guide the nation and not Firdous Ashiq or Sheikh Rashid.

see Indian scientist, It's very easy to malign others when you yourselves are following draconian doctrine in your country. See Assam NRC, Muslims voters turn out in recent elections, degradation on casts and religions, supporting Israel for their unjust and unlawful cause etc etc. Keep writing these pearls but nobody in power will dare even go near them! Too busy with witchhunts as the majority cries under the yoke of injustice. It is not more of than daydreaming. In the prevailing circumstances, despite all his weaknesses and shortcomings Imran Khan is the only realistic hope, who can Pakistan in right direction.

Passionate, but quite over the top and a bit too simplistic. The British may have brought order but drained India of its resources. Post second world war there was anarchy and corruption pretty much everywhere, and a lot of state control too. China, which serves as our beacon for progress, saw 15 million deaths in the Great famine of The lesson is to move away from the past and focus on today's reality. A great article. Unfortunately, the political climate and rules in Pakistan are such, that such a party is unlikey to succeed in election.

Looking at today's national assembly, most public representatives have "inherited" their seats and the elite are representing the marginalised segments of the society. PTI did try to bring a change, but we saw a failure in elections, and election results would have been the same, had he not taken a lot of people from other parties. Worth Reading.

But it is difficult to find such political parties and leaders in Pakistan like country. Accountability is just one of many areas. It is the media hype which gives the impression as if the whole government is busy in accountability drive.

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  8. The writer also wished a political party would focus on low-cost housing program and agro-processing. This government has already initiated the Naya Pakistan Housing program, just recently announced the Rs. So let us be patient and see the result in An insightful column by learned writer.

    Unfortunately issues and problems highlighted have a credible answer enshrined in Principles of Policy in Constitution of and relevant articles defining fundamentals of Governance which need to be addressed ab initio in a National Conference attended by all key stakeholders to resuscitate polity and vision for future. When foreign money were flowing in the sixties and seventies the kings and king makers squandered it away in the name of parity with its giant neighbor.

    Moazam Beg, very well-said!

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    It is very difficult to revese or change a culture that has developed over several generations. Revolutions do change cutures overnight but they bring with them unacceptable costs. Sometimes inspired leadership will force change but there is no substitute for strong institutions and the rule of law which are the backbone of any civilised nation-Pak will need to rebuild these. A very clever attempt at trying to disguise your underlying message - asking PMIK to leave the Sharifs, the Zardaris, and the Malik Riaz'es alone and to focus on building up the country from the bottom up.

    We can read between the lines. However, the guilty MUST be punished. The looters will have to return every single penny that they have stolen, otherwise they will rot in prison forever. Let there be no doubt in the minds of crooks - there is a new sheriff in town one who will not spare the "Sharifs'" alone. Nether Zardaris. Nor Malik Riaz. Every single one of them will do hard time for their devious and crooked behavior.