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One of my absolute least favourite title tunes Some of the rejected songs are better than this. I would have liked Shirley Bassey's song to have been used.

It's a bad pairing of voices. Alicia Keys adds absolutely nothing to the song.

It should have been Jack White solo, or with one of his side projects like the Raconteurs or the Dead Weather. The instrumental is great though. If you listen closely, you can hear that it's kind of an inverted version of the James Bond theme. I always thought Alicia Keys should have performed it solo. A lot of people here are saying Jack White should have performed it solo, but I think his voice and guitar playing really go in too hard. James Bond is smooth, James Bond doesn't rock. In fact there's even precedent for a rock songwriter to write the theme and give it to a diva-type singer to perform, when Bono and The Edge wrote "GoldenEye".

Just to be clear, I've seen all the movies already I just wanted to watch them again for fun.

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No idea why I was downvoted. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. JamesBond comments.

Love Is Just a Way To Die

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Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. JamesBond submitted 6 months ago by yeetemon. Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. This form of cell death most likely corresponds to a process that has been morphologically defined as autophagic PCD.

The present review summarizes recent experimental evidence about autophagic PCD and discusses some aspects of this form of cell death, including the mechanisms that may distinguish autophagic death from the process of autophagy involved in cell survival. Access provided by. Apoptosis, a form of programmed cell death PCD , has attracted considerable attention over the last 15 years and a significant part of the molecular mechanisms involved has already been unveiled.

Another Way To Die

However, there is considerable evidence to suggest that PCD is not confined to apoptosis and that other mechanisms may also operate. Here, we briefly summarize the well-established process of autophagosome formation. Readers who are interested in more detailed information on autophagy should refer to several excellent recent reviews.

Autophagosomes are double-membrane cytoplasmic vesicles that are designed to engulf various cellular constituents, including cytoplasmic organelles Figure 1. Autophagosomes fuse to lysosomes to become autolysosomes, where sequestered cellular components are digested. Autophagy is also known to be activated by hypoxic conditions and high temperatures. It provides nutrients that are necessary to maintain cell viability. It has more recently been shown that autophagy is also involved in the killing of bacteria that are ingested by cells.

Diagram of the autophagic process. PI3 kinase type III and two ubiquitin-like conjugation systems are involved in the formation of autophagosomes. PE: phosphatidylethanolamine; ub: ubiquitin.

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The molecular basis of autophagy has been extensively studied, mainly in yeasts, by investigation of autophagy-defective mutants to identify the responsible genes designated as atg. It is currently known that the basic mechanism of autophagy has been well conserved during evolution from the fact that diverse organisms, including yeasts, flies, and mammals, all carry a similar set of atg genes, although there are some significant differences between yeasts and higher eukaryotes.

Since mTOR is regulated by many other proteins, regulation of the process of autophagy is likely to be very complex.

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Expansion of autophagic vesicles is mediated by two ubiquitin-like conjugation systems: 1 the Atg12 pathway involving Atg12 ubiquitin-like , Atg7 E1-like , Atg10 E2-like , and Atg5 and 2 the Atg8 pathway involving Atg8 ubiquitin-like , Atg7 E1-like , Atg3 E2-like , and Atg4 Figure 1. In the Atg12 pathway, Atg12 is conjugated to Atg5, while Atg8 is conjugated to phosphatidylethanolamine in the Atg8 pathway. Autophagic cell death is mainly a morphologic definition i. However, it is quite conceivable that constitutive autophagy could eventually destroy a cell. This hypothesis as well as previous reports that cells with autophagic features often exist in regions where PCD is occurring seem to support the existence of autophagic cell death.

Morphological and histochemical studies cannot prove a causative relationship between the autophagic process and cell death. In fact, there have recently been strong arguments that autophagic activity in dying cells might actually be a survival mechanism. One reason why this issue has not been resolved is a lack of a suitable experimental system to investigate autophagic death.

We recently found that cytotoxic stimuli activate autophagic death in cells that are protected against apoptosis, such as those expressing antiapoptotic Bcl-2 or Bcl-x L , or those lacking both Bax and Bak multidomain proapoptotic members of the Bcl-2 family that function as a gateway for a variety of apoptotic signals.

MEFs exposed to these agents show 1 loss of clonogenicity the ability to form colonies and 2 positive staining with propidium iodide a marker of plasma membrane disruption , findings which are compelling evidence of cell death when taken together. This nonapoptotic form of cell death can be inhibited by suppressing autophagosome formation with autophagy inhibitors, such as 3-methyladenine 3-MA and wortmannin, or by silencing Atg5 and Atg6, as assessed by several different methods. Thus, these results indicate that autophagosome formation is required for cells to die after exposure to cytotoxic drugs, proving the existence of an alternative death mechanism to apoptosis that could be termed autophagic cell death.

Independently, Lenardo's group has also shown by studies on several cell lines, including mouse L cells and human U cells, that a pancaspase inhibitor induces nonapoptotic death associated with autophagic manifestations, which is inhibited by silencing of Atg5 and Atg7. The etoposide-treated cell contains many autophagosomes arrows.

LC3 is known to be concentrated on autophagosomes. Cell viability was assessed by a clonogenicity assay: cells were washed and replated in regular medium to allow the formation of colonies.

What does Another Way To Die mean?

Based on our observations and Lenardo's, we propose that a better definition of autophagic cell death would include an association with autophagosomes as well as dependence on autophagy proteins. In this setting, inhibition of autophagy actually enhances cell death, indicating that such death does not depend on autophagy proteins Figure 5. The same is true for the death of an IL3-dependent cell line induced by IL-3 deprivation, because autophagy is activated but does not itself cause death. We will discuss this issue further in the following sections. Autophagy and autophagic death.

All stimuli withdrawal of serum, amino acids, or lymphokines, and cytotoxic drugs such as etoposide and staurosporine induce apoptosis of WT MEFs. STS: staurosporine.

Jack White - Another Way To Die Lyrics | SongMeanings

It is also noteworthy that inhibition of caspases in WT MEFs treated with cytotoxic drugs inhibits apoptotic death but does not induce autophagic death. This observation taken together with the finding that inhibitors of mitochondrial functions, such as respiratory chain inhibitors, can block autophagic death our unpublished results suggests that the mitochondria need to be functioning to allow the induction of autophagic death at least in MEFs.

This might be contrary to the situation in Drosophila , where autophagic activity is seen in dying cells of the salivary gland and mid guts along with activation of caspases. In the fly, mitochondrial function might somehow be preserved even after caspase activation so that autophagic death occurs. Alternatively, autophagy may occur to more efficiently degrade the structural components of dying cells, and reduce the workload for phagocytes, and may not be a mechanism of cell death.

Studies performed with several culture systems have provided evidence that cells possess a novel death mechanism that depends on autophagy proteins. Of course, there are a number of in vivo situations where apoptosis is blocked at the mitochondrial level, such as upregulation of Bcl-2 or Bcl-x L. So, our findings imply that these cells may have the potential to undergo autophagic death.

In any case, although the results should be treated with caution, these culture systems provide an opportunity to investigate the autophagic death in detail, and such studies provide new evidence about the physiological and pathological occurrence of the autophagic death in vivo.

The same set of the proteins Atg5, Atg6, and Atg7 and the formation of autophagosomes are involved in both autophagic cell death and autophagy that promotes cell survival. One hint revealed by our recent study is a significant difference in the expression of Atg5 and Atg6 proteins during these two processes, since the levels of both proteins remain low during autophagy survival , whereas these proteins are highly upregulated during autophagic death.

Certainly, it needs to be experimentally proven whether this difference in the expression of Atg5 and Atg6 proteins leads to the selection of autophagic death or autophagy that promotes cell survival.