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Sail training is not just learning to sail. It is learning from sailing.
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Really enjoyed the trip starting with nice clean ports at both sides. Return ship had on board entertainment to pass the longer crossing. A nice way to travel from Tallinn to Helsinki and back. I had the opportunity to travel between Helsinki and Tallin with Tallink Silja.


The ferry is gorgeous and everything is done to make the crossing pleasant: numerous restaurants, a bar with musicians, some boutiques and even a supermarket. We spent a lot of time on the upper deck. The sun was shining and it was very nice. The staff is nice and professional.

We don't use the ferry very ofter, but it all went well. The only drawback is that the ferry terminal in Helsinki is bit far away from the city centre. All went reasonaby smoothly.

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Sat waiting for boarding in the well-equipped Tallinn terminal, I detected the delightful sound of Doris Day singing Que Sera, Sera over the harbour audio, I knew then there was hope for the world - somebody over there has a good ear for music. Everything was done according to plan. The paperwork was quick and easy. Everything was perfect. I recommend the company. Great way to travel from Tallinn to Helsinki avoiding the time and effort of going to an airport.

I was travelling with both my daughters and I was very satisfied about the services on the ferry. Especially we enjoy the trip with tallink star, because this ferry was big and impressive- it was like another excursion for me and my children. I would like to thank you all the staff for our nice trip and for excellent food on the ship.

The ferry ride was very good, clearance at check in was smooth and the staff were very friendly, all in all I was extremely pleased, would use the ferry service at any time. Recent Searches. Please note: prices rise as space becomes less available. Great Deals We're dedicated to saving you money.

We check over 1 million prices every day to ensure to ensure we get you a great deal! But the militia was outnumbered and just let off a few volleys and then faded away into the woods. Cunningham's proud of his collection of models from the War of , now standing at more than twenty. So, if there are any War of buffs listening, or naval buffs, they would find this collection very interesting.

His display features many Canadian and British ships and a healthy number from the American Revolutionary War. All told, he has well over a hundred models, but only has room to display slightly more than half at present. Cunningham laughed when asked about locating accurate blueprints. You have to call a lot of museums. The British were meticulous at keeping plans for their vessels. So the Maritime Museum in Greenwich has a fabulous collection of plans for British ships. But even their collection of plans is not complete — as it relates to some British ships that were built here.

What does it mean for me?

Pointing to a model of the HMS St. Lawrence, Cunningham explained it was a first-rate ship, meaning it boasted three rows of cannons on each side.

Built in Kingston Harbor, during the War of Cunningham said it was a very powerful ship for that time, with cannons and a crew of over men. Finding complete plans for the St. Lawrence required research at National Archives in Canada, and in England. Despite the difficulty, Cunningham says every model on display was built from original plans. Cunningham recounted how Loyalist refugees settled in Canada after the Revolutionary War which lead to a discussion of ship building on Carleton Island, near Clayton, New York.

But in those days it was a British island and that's where they built a lot of their boats. One, the HMS Ontario , was launched in Mike Kitsko rf-amps earthlink. This is a great web site. Thanks for you work on this.

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Do you guys remember a guy falling overboard while the gig boat was being pulled up alongside. Dan Axtell RD I retired in '93 as QMCM. He's reired CAPT now. Greatings to all my fellow Ponch sailors. I'm up here in Seattle working now. Could not be happer Over the years names have left me. E-mail archmetcalf aol. We did most of our outfitting work at the New York Shipbuilding Corp.

Sesame Street: Bert and Ernie Fish Call

New York Shipbuilding Corp. On January 12, we commissioned USS Ponchatoula at the shipyard and the adventure for a young sailor began. I suppose it was a couple of months later that we sailed through the Panama Canal, via Norfolk, Virginia and finally to our new home port of Long Beach, California.

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I think it was in that our home port was changed to Pearl Harbor, Territory of Hawaii. Being a young man at the time, a teenager to be exact, some of the fondest memories of my life are attached to my time aboard Ponchatoula. I'm certainly glad that so many shipmates have, through subsequent years, created their own memories in their tours aboard this great old ship and that they continue to honor Ponchatoula by having this association.

Arthur Sloan, Jr. Wilson was the commanding officer, Franklin C. Heinemann the supply officer and J. Lovelace the disbursing officer who relieved Mr. Heinemann as supply officer. E-mail: asjr enter. Just found the site! Remeber some of the names posted fm my era. Made 2 West-Pac's and the repair period in Guam in ' Still at sea Be glad to hear fm any shipmates fm my era. My name is Dennis Trainor. I was also known as Doc Trainor. Interested in hearing from anyone that may remember me.


I currently live in Lodi California. My e-mail is ldtrainor aol. Hi, my name is Ronald Hoyt. I was an E6 and aboard the lady during Need any shipmate who remembers me to contact me immediately. I was exposed and drenched with a hazardous material during rough seas along with a few of the other crew members. Having lots of medical problems from it. The VA needs to substantial proof this happened and won't take my word that it did.

Theories - Hospital Ship HMHS Britannic

Please come forward if you recall anything. Call me at or email me at marianne2u2 earthlink. God bless you, our troops and America!!! Does anyone out there know where Dan Rust, T. Ponder have disappeared to. Eddie Cunningham one of my strikers the one with long hair is in LA doing well with a country band. What a cruise with 58 days in port. We all nweeded a rest after that. I am in great need of anyone on the "Ponch" during this time to contact me.

I'm having many medical problems due to hazardous chemical exposure onboard the Ponch. Need persons to verify that we carried more then just AV gas and black oil and hazardous materials in 50 gal.