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Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Prophecy of Shadows by Ian M. A gripping adventure of dark fantasy. The vampire lord Caraloan is building an army of the A gripping adventure of dark fantasy. Book I of the Elder Earth Saga.

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Prophecy of Shadows : Book I of the Elder Earth Saga -

Paperback , pages. More Details Original Title. The Elder Earth Saga 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Prophecy of Shadows , please sign up. All wielders of the Unipower are this. However the Enigma Force specifically tells X that she is the future heir to its power.

In The Books of Magic , Timothy Hunter is a teenage boy with the potential to become the most powerful magician of the modern age. This is a clear case of Blessed with Suck , as his existence and potential become widely-known in occult circles and everyone from evil magicians to demons wants to either control or destroy him.

Arwyn in Sojourn , who can wield Ayden's arrow. After stopping Megatron's apocalyptic reign of terror on Earth, Optimus turns command of Cybertron over to Hot Rod so that Optimus can attempt to help humanity rebuild. Hot Rod eventually becomes Rodimus Prime in his own right, and in the Distant Finale , as the last surviving Transformer eons later, he dies and passes the energy of the Matrix back to Cybertron, restoring it to life and bringing about a new generation of Cybertronians.

Alex Elder in Crimson is a young vampire with unique powers who is destined to save the world from vampirekind. Its subverted when its revealed that there have been countless other "chosen" vampires before him that failed in their mission, with one of them becoming the Big Bad 's partner-in-crime and during the final battle, its not Alex to deal the final blow against the main villain, but his mentor himself.

Pia of Black Science manages to crash-land in a universe in accordance with their Chosen One prophecy. She is able to leverage this political capital to negotiate peace between the warring tribes. Whether the prophecy was legitimate or just lucky is ambiguous. In Birthright , Mikey Rhodes was plucked from Earth as a child in accordance with a prophecy that he would one day become the warrior that would save the realm of Terrenos by defeating God-King Lore. Then it gets harshly deconstructed as Mikey spent decades training and fighting, only to lose in what was supposed to be his final battle.

Then, after Lore showed him visions of how his family had suffered and broken apart because of his absence, Mikey accepted an offer to become Lore's agent on Earth just for a chance to see his family again. Furthermore, the prophecy that everyone believed was about Mikey saving Terrenos was actually recycled from an earlier version to give the resistance hope. The original hero who was summoned to save the land from a terrible evil? God-King Lore himself!

Disciples II: Dark Prophecy – Undead Hordes Saga Walkthrough

Naturally, the minute he learns this, Starscream's ego balloons Later on in the series, Galvatron mentions that the person who dreamt up this supposed prophecy was tripping on bad booze when he made it. Optimus Prime goes further - Onyx Prime made up the prophecy to inspire folk He's a patsy. Shockwave made up the prophecy solely so Starscream would end up in charge of Cybertron and utterly fail at the job, leaving it ripe for Shockwave's plans. Nobody else believes him, Psycho Psychologist Froid actively eggs them on to watch his complexes in action, and by the end of it even he has to admit that his "grand destiny" was mostly bullshit.

In Judas , it is implied by the end that Judas was sent to Hell not due to his betrayal, but rather he was sent there to act as a messiah figure to those who were already damned. The Calvinverse side story Prelude to a Season has Socrates being labeled as this by the aliens. The last few episodes of Calvin and Hobbes: The Series seem to build up to something, supporting this theory.

Mother Deer and her followers later confirm this, explaining that as he's Immune to Fate , he's the only one who can lead the Blank Wolf to destroy Makarov and remove his taint from the timeline. His story also invokes this for laughs, as the Dark Is Not Evil cult that rules Massailand becomes convinced that he's their Chosen One, and then that he isn't in both case, because of their Insane Troll Logic ; Shining is worried that, given his luck , they might be right the first time.

It turns out the actual thing he was chosen for was to be the nail between the Bad Future Dark World timeline and the main timeline, he was The Un Chosen One for beating Makarov. During the Rumors Arc, The CMC are chosen by the Concepts to save the universe from Discord and companies' endgame , as they were competent enough to get the job done, but Discord and his allies would never suspect them. They succeed. Button Mash is also chosen by Havoc, to spread rumors that would give the CMC a fighting chance and then to become their ally due to the video game powers said rumors granted him. It's implied Silver Spoon was also chosen, but would only have been brought in as a 'plan B' had the CMC failed, as she'd be the best chance of stopping Nightmare Diamond Tiara at that point.

During the same Arc, several ponies are chosen for the difficult task of keeping ponies alive and protecting them from the various rumors monsters and dangers. While we don't hear who it is, Pandora did the same thing with a filly who became Prancy Drew. Venus chose a mare named Lovestruck to merge with her deceased son Cupid's Shadow of Existence to resurrect his concept and become a Demi-Goddess, as she as Cupid's twice removed Reincarnation via the Lost Age. Notably, all of these are permanent changes even if the Rumors are undone and everything is put back to normal and the ponies involved had to accept before hand for that reason.

In fact, she has to go quite a ways out of her way in order to take her place as the Chosen One and make sure everything passes as it's supposed to. Queen of All Oni : Kuro suggests that Jade is this for the Shadowkhan, being the final product of Hiruzen's last plan during Tarakudo's rebellion. And on top of that, Blankman 's comments imply that she's also the reincarnation of the Ben Shui order's Chosen One as was implied in canon. Karasu later confirms the latter, explaining that the Chosen One's job is to act as a focal point for the Grand Design , sustaining it and all the seals connected to it.

Though he also says that Jade's status as such is a moot point by now, since enough outside interference has damaged the Design to the point where it's doomed to collapse no matter what now. Ages of Shadow : For an evil example, there's Boaz , who Jade spends years secretly training and preparing for the day he could seize the position of Himinion and lead the Shadow Walkers to conquering the world in her name.

A straighter example is King Cheherazad, who is trained since childhood to lead the battle against Jade and the Shadow Walkers. In Mega Man: Defender of the Human Race , Terra believes either Bass or himself to be this, and wishes to make Sunstar proud of him by defeating Bass and proving his superiority.

The chosen one is said to save the rest of the Stardroids. The Seraphim, the main antagonist of Angel Of The Bat , is most certainly not this, but was groomed to believe he is. Xander in Big Brother confronts the previous Avatars over this idea when they talk about Aang's duty to bring peace to the world by defeating the Fire Nation.

Always has been, always will be. Films — Animation.

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Kung Fu Panda has the fat panda Po chosen as the Dragon Warrior by Master Oogway, seemingly just for bursting into the arena via fireworks. Seen as a decision marked by senility and coincidence by his disciple Shifu, Oogway nonetheless genuinely believes Po is more worthy than any of the highly trained Furious Five. It takes a while, but everyone realizes that the turtle's choice is absolutely right. The sequels expand on this by revealing that Po becoming the Dragon Warrior was to also serve as a vehicle to help him on his path towards his true destiny: first to save China from Lord Shen, then to help panda-kind recover the lost art of chi mastery and defeat Oogway's brother-in-arms-turned-archnemesis Kai. In the short term, the fact that he is just some fat guy with more enthusiasm than training gives him a leg up on the current bad guy thanks to Kev Lard rendering his best attacks which had earlier defeated every other Dragon Warrior candidate at once useless.

Cale from Titan A.

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Cale : For your information, I happen to be Humanity's last great hope. Preed : I weep for the species. Emmet : You don't have to be the bad guy. You are the most talented, most interesting, and most extraordinary person in the universe. And you are capable of amazing things. Because you are the Special. And so am I. And so is everyone. The prophecy is made up, but it's also true.