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The Kia was just one of three vehicles sitting back there in the grass, with the other two including the postal carrier Jeep DJ-5D you see above. I saw a giant hole in its frame, and in—frankly—most of the body. And it had two flat tires.

See a Problem?

Why anyone would thinks they need this vehicle on their lawn—or anywhere other than in the scrapyard—is beyond me. Situated beyond a random tarp was a deep dirt pit, with what appeared to be tire tracks from the Kia, as well as bits of its front fascia. Clearly, some idiot had tried towing the thing from this hole, only to rip off the front bumper beam. Also in the backyard was a beautiful Jeep J10 pickup that was missing its tailgate, battery, and some of its exhaust components.

The cap of that truck appeared to have been blown off by the wind, as it was sitting upside down in the yard, and was filled with hoses, a fluid transfer pump, and a bottle of transmission fluid. But the strangest thing I spotted was a dishwasher sitting in the backyard. It is.

I also spotted a little shed back there with a dismantled, well-used, and rusty Spicer Model 18 transfer case out of a flat fender Jeep, as well as some wheels and tires from an old Ford Mustang. Next to those was a rear trim panel, two seats off an old Jeep Cherokee XJ, and a set of axle shafts. Those axle shafts apparently go into this Chrysler 8. At this point, I had surmised that this house had been abandoned years ago, and thus, I decided to go inside to see more.

Sadly, the doors were locked. But before I grabbed my bags and skedaddled, I decided to try my keys in the door, figuring there was no harm in giving it a shot. And boy am I glad or, rather, not glad I did. Because the door opened, and right in the doorway was a Willys CJ-3B grille, a bunch of paper bags filled with valve springs and valve spring retainers, a coolant bottle for a full-size Jeep, and a cylinder head. Under the table was a big box of Blackstone Labs engine oil analysis kits. On the floor next to that head was what appeared to be a spot on some bubble wrap where the owner had placed a V8 cylinder head notice the four circles for the four cylinders —likely off of the Jeep out front.

Based on the magnet and the valve spring removal tool, it looks like the owner was tearing the head down before maybe taking it to a machine shop. Over in the kitchen, I noticed a board with some drill bits, and a bunch of aluminum shavings—it appears that whoever once lived here did some drilling in the kitchen. The person also apparently needed to fix an engine block or something, because there was some JB Weld on the wooden board, too—as well as brake cleaner and a carb cleaner bucket on the counter. In one of the back rooms in the house was a table holding up a bunch of random car parts, including a fan clutch, radiator hoses, differential gaskets, thermostats, accessory belts, a water pump, a Motorcraft Carburetor, and a whole bunch else.

Strangely, I found the tailgate missing from the J10 just leaning against a closet, and on top of that closet was a nice new grille for the Golden Eagle out front. Like, why is there a Suzuki GS motor on the shelf?

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As I walked back through the house, I saw some things that struck genuine fear into my psyche. Why choose us? We are part of great organizations that educate us and keep us on the cutting edge. See our warranty policy for details! From the Blog. Aug 08, Thanks for taking the time to stop by the blog! We sell quality used parts to keep plastic out of landfills and to reuse good parts instead of making new ones. In the first half of we sold 29, parts!

All those parts could have ended up as scrap or trash, but instead, we sold them and helped people continue to drive their cars. Used auto parts help these people reach their goals and live better lives. Some of the best, in my opinion, were the small operations, found by luck or word of mouth. These seemed to grow out of the forest. Though they lacked the breadth of selection of the bigger places, they were generally friendlier, more welcoming of junkyard tourists, and had a nicer vibe to them.

Times changed, and I moved away, to CT, a state that long ago stopped allowing browsers in junkyards, but has recently removed the ban to allow U-pull type junkyards. These, as far as I can tell, are sections of more typical yards where they place a few surplus vehicles for the public to pick over. I made several trips there as an illegal tourist, and enjoyed the feel of having the place to myself. This place was a time capsule of automotive history, with vehicles going back to the 50s. Most memorable to me was the selection Fs that caused me to dream up unfulfilled schemes by which I might appropriate some of their parts.

Also notable was a bunch of Edsels, including a pink one that really stood out amid its oxidized neighbors. They also had some old fire trucks that reminded me of ones I saw in cartoons as a kid. Junkyard economics have apparently changed, with modern ones selecting for newer vehicles and scrapping out the old ones rather than keeping them around. Parts for my own Fs are nowhere to be found in junkyards near me. When I buy junkyard parts for my modern vehicles, I just go to the counter and pick them up, which deprives my son of the opportunity to wander and wonder. Ahhh…great memories. And even with G.

Say, what would be the interest in a CC meet-up being someplace where there are great prospects for automotive prospecting? The ongoing banter sounded like the police dispatchers, except the conversation was littered with make, model, and year references. A couple of us had fun pranking the counter guys with toys we found in cars. The best one was a squeezable Barney doll. Thoroughly enjoyed this post! All of the thoughts and questions you presented i. What a fascinating piece of history. Your email address will not be published.

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Where to Spray a Fountain, a Junkyard Crane, and a Vending Machine in Fortnite | GamesRadar+

Click here to view our privacy policy. About Arras WordPress Theme. Curbside Classic. Requiem for a Junkyard: G. Auto Salvage By Poindexter. View of the salvage yard, c. Cadillac Sixty Special. A rusty rocket. J P Cavanaugh. Posted January 15, at AM. Love it!

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I guess I am a junkie too. And I think that mystery car is a ish Chevy sedan. Ed Stembridge. Ah, for the days when people dressed up to go to the junkyard! One Normie who is a Junkie. You captured the sensations of my extensive adventures and explorations pretty much spot on. Jason W. Posted January 16, at PM. Timothy Harris. Posted January 15, at PM.

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Daniel M. Amazing article! RetroStang Rick. Thanks for the pics.


Michael J Allen. Hell, I still do! Tom C. This article brings back fond memories. Will we be the last generation of junkyard aficionados? Tom Lawler.